Meet Milan

We went to Milan for 2 days/one night, to meet someone about a project ( my wife and a designer) I was to guide her and take photo’s of course.

Milan is great, crowded, mad and the coffee is everywhere!  We flew from Rotterdam airport. now that’s what you call an experience. it’s so small and cosy  you can’t feel like lost or uncertain. it’s just one big hall, in there is everything.

From Malpensa airport we took the train to Milan. every half our service. easy.

waiting for spring, just one night to go

Some people love old things to collect.  This guy completely overhauled his motor bike oldtimer in order to drive it as a daily regular bike.
I like that. most good things are old.

Its the same with this picture, it is taken in a small village which is about to make place for industry  in Antwerp,
it’s beauty is still there in spite of it’s desolation.

when something is old, it proved itself.

The name of this post came through this photo; spring last year harbor of Antwerp, high-tech in probably one of the most oldest type of  transport.
Just one night to go? Yes! tomorrow  it’s spring.